The Klercide range of cleanroom equipment offers a choice of application techniques for applying the Klercide range of alcohols and biocides to larger surface areas enabling a significant reduction in biocide application times when compared to more traditional, manual processes such as mopping for walls and ceilings.


Additionally the Klercide equipment offers compatibility with Klercide alcohols and biocides as well as a choice of innovative options.

Klercide Pressurised Spray System V2

A stainless steel spray system designed for use with Klercide alcohols and biocides. The system enables disinfectants to be applied by a spray device which is autoclavable and complies with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive.

Suggested Usage
Grade A
Grade B
Grade C/D
Bactericidal and Fungicidal
Hygienic Hand Rub
Hygienic Hand Wash

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Description Size Unit of Sale Code Old Code
2m Braided Hose 1 3050790 3050790
Klercide Pressurised Spray System 1 3082630 3039810
80° Spray Nozzle, 0.16L/min 1 3050800 3050800
80° Spray Nozzle, 0.32L/min 1 3050810 3050810
Standard Lance 1 3050820 3050820
Pressure Release Valve 1 3050830 3050830
Lance Extension 1 3082640 N/A
Norprene Handle Cover 1 3082660 N/A
Gasket Set 1 3082650 N/A
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