Premier Klerwater-WFI Sterile WFI Quality Water

Ecolab’s centre of excellence for contamination control, is proud to introduce its new product Premier Klerwater-WFI Sterile WFI Quality Water.

Premier WFI Klerwater is produced from the highest grade (EP – which requires a distillation process) Water for Injection, with guaranteed endotoxin levels below 0.25 EU/ml.

The sterile water is useful for the dilution of sterile concentrates to maintain the required quality of diluted product for Grade A and Grade B cleanrooms.

In addition, Klerwater-WFI is an effective way of eliminating any residues after disinfection. Klerwater-WFI acts as an excellent solvent, it is particularly effective at removing ionic and polar covalent compound

The product is manufactured to a tight specification. Gamma irradiation is carried out to a validated procedure. Samples from each batch are tested for sterility and a quantitative endotoxin analysis is carried out before QC release.

Klerwater-WFI is available in either 1 litre trigger spray or 5 litre capped bottle.

The 1 litre trigger spray incorporates the patented Sterishield Delivery System. The unique way in which the SDS works as a closed system ensures that the sterility of the contents is preserved throughout use.

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