The contamination control challenge - three steps to ensuring a completely clean cleanroom

In critical high grade environments contamination is unacceptable and effective disinfection leaving minimal residues is vital to the success of the contamination control regime. As such, Ecolab Life Sciences is pleased to introduce the three step 'Disinfect, Detect and Eliminate' concept.

Step one - Disinfect:

The process of cleaning and disinfecting with low residue Klercide products minimises the initial impact of residues as part of managing the process as well as helping to maintain very low residue levels within the critical environment while in use.

Step two - Detect:

The Klercide UV Validation Torch is an innovative addition to the traditional application and removal process, offering a reliable means of identifying contamination as small as 50 microns in size on a surface. Being able to highlight overlooked areas and the need for improved operator training enables problems to be solved before they become costly.

Step three - Eliminate:

The use of the UV light indicates problem areas and the use of very high grade wipes to physically remove any residual contamination is recommended. The surfactant properties of the alcohol in the impregnated Klerwipes effectively removes the residues, while the high absorbency allows a rapid clean down of surfaces, equipment and product components.

In summary the use of the three step process in any critical environment will enable a more thorough cleaning and disinfection regime than before, saving batch wastage, time and money.

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