One Method Can Revolutionise Disinfectant Validation

In the absence of a single global standard for the validation of disinfectant efficacy in pharmaceutical cleanrooms, Ecolab Life Sciences have consulted with renowned industry experts to create one.

In his article in Cleanroom Technology (November 2019), Tim Sandle explains why disinfectant efficacy matters and how global differences in efficacy tests is causing both confusion and inefficiencies across the industry.

He concludes that the Ecolab One Method Validex Program provides ‘clear, sensible and reproducible criteria’1 for the evaluation of disinfectants for use in pharma cleanrooms.

It is designed to ensure a method and acceptance criteria appropriate to the industry globally, alongside a comprehensive data set on relevant cleanroom microflora and surfaces.

With the Validex Program Ecolab's Global Technical Consultants can help customers navigate through disinfectant efficacy testing, with accredited laboratories. This helps meet current regulatory expectations and, more importantly, comply with the standards required for cleanroom decontamination.

The Validex approach reduces complexity and helps pharma manufacturers gain greater efficiency by giving specific guidance around validation processes.

Read Tim Sandle's full report here.

Watch the Validex video here.

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